Doughnut shack’s Bombolinis first caught my eye on ig with their pistachio bombos! Had been wanting to try it for the longest time and imagine my delight when I got hold of them! The vibes weren’t great when I stepped into the tiny shack, with the place reeking of oil because of the enclosed kitchen within the same space. The bombos and donuts looked pretty decent and legit on the shelves. However, when I brought them home hours later, oil has formed at the bottom of the box. There were trails of oil! Not just a droplet or two, or a stained patch of oil but visible streams of oil 😔 The dough of the bombos where’s fluffy at all too. The pistachio filling was the best out of the lot. White peach jam tasted like store-bought peach jam while the spiced vanilla was okay. There weren’t specks of vanilla beans so I suppose essence was used and there were no vanilla pods involved in the making of the custard. The honeycomb chocolate was a disappointment. Not only was the dark chocolate artificial in taste; the honeycomb was sticky and overly chewy - definitely nothing like your Cadbury honeycomb. It’s all so stale 😞