Led by Group Executive Chef Martin Foo, the stellar chef teams from both fine and casual dining restaurants have curated seasonal dishes
ranging from enticing High-Tea sets and set menus

Feature :
From Crystal Jade golden palace
💕steamed whole deboned fish wrapped in crystal jelly in teochew style
My fav, diners can choose a live fish, so it’s very fresh.
The fish filleted then wrapped with shiitake mushroom, red chili, preserved vegetables, Chinese celery and shredded ginger batonettes in a delicate mung bean sheet, and steamed in a light stock tinged with the tanginess of fresh tomatoes and preserved vegetables.
So it’s fresh , tangy, with hint of ginger
💰Seasonal price
💕Hakka grandma’s pork belly with preserved vegetable
The pork belly was very tender and served with preserved vegetable, perfect pair for rice.
💰$28 for 4 pcs
💕superior bird’s nest with taro paste in deep fried sesame ball
Crispy golden brown sesame ball filled with generous superior bird nest.
💰$18.8 for 3 pcs

From Crystal Jade la Mian Xiao long Bao and Jiang nan
💕Deed fried assorted mushroom and lotus roots in chef’s special spicy cumin powder.
Addictive deep fried mushroom and lotus that coated with spicy cumin powder

📍Crystal Jade Golden Palace and Crystal Jade la Mian Xiao long Bao and Jiang nan

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