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So I had planned a visit to Pacamara over the long weekend as it was one of the recommended cafes. I have to say, this is my first visit to Pacamara (and definitely my last) because of their sub-par customer service. I am upset by their inconsistent treatment towards customers, meaning that I received a poorer treatment as compared to the other customers. I don't have very high expectation of customer service but my experience there was less than pleasant. I am fine with not being attended to when I first stepped into the cafe, but what infuriated me was how they ignored my presence, served the customers after me (taking into account that we have the same number of pax and we are both walk-in customers), and shoved me to the side (not literally). Of course, this just puts me off and I walked out of the cafe after this awful encounter.

Tldr; If the food is amazing, you could almost forgive the service. But if the service is horrendous, and the food is average (according to the other reviews) – do yourself a favour and don't bother wasting your time, go elsewhere instead.