If anyone knows of good vegetarian bee hoon in the East side of Singapore, please let me know.... 'Cos this wasn't it. Even though this is supposedly a famous stall. My all-time favourite spot is in Jurong West, & that's quite a journey.

I mean, I finished this plate of Zeh Bee Hoon 斋米粉 ($2.50 nett), so it wasn't terrible. It just lacked the finesse & oomph that I look for in vegetarian bee hoon... Call me a snob, but perhaps I've been spoilt by my favourite stall.

My preference is for saucey noodles - so I found the bee hoon in this too dry for my liking. Ingredients were also quite basic (passable). Chilli was pretty good though, so I'll give them that. & they open really early in the morning, so if you were up at 6AM like me hunting for food & with this specific craving... Maybe give this a shot.

But it's unlikely I'll be buying this again.

💵 Cash only; no electronic payments
📍 Located in Bedok 85 Market