Needless to say chocolate chip cookies are one of the go-to favourite recipes of all time. And this my friends, is my first time baking chocolate chip cookies.

Guess what? Everybody love these chocolate chip cookies. They were so soft and chewy. I did not even refrigerate them and they still tasted good after a week. But of course they'll still taste best when consumed within the day, or the next 2-3 days.

Although the photo doesn't show how chocolatey it was, you have to know that there's alot of chocolate chips inside each cookie and that is what made it taste so good for chocolate lovers like me ☺️

This recipe however can be a little sweet for people who do not have a sweet tooth. So for those of you who are more health-conscious or prefer less sweet treats and still want to enjoy a good chocolate chip cookie, you may want to lessen the sugar by a quarter.

I read this up online and this person actually did an experiment on how reducing the sugar in a recipe can affect the outcome of the product, that is, cookies and cakes. The result was that if you reduce the sugar by a quarter, you should get the same quality of cookies. I've yet to try but I have friends and family who told me that they will taste just as good with lesser sugar.

So don't miss this recipe my friends! Here's the link: