For some much needed spice during this quiet “Circuit Breaker” period, Butter & Spice has got you covered with their North Indian specialities available for delivery right to your doorstep. Yes islandwide delivery!!

So here’s a throwback to a couple weeks ago when I had their Palak Paneer Set. What a steal at $10, the order includes a portion of tandoor-baked naan and basmati rice. My first ever taste of Palak Paneer, I was surprised by how the spinach puree was so rich, aromatic and tantalizingly spicy. Infused with a medley of spices, the thick pasted gravy was a perfect match to the warm bowl of rice as well as the fragrant garlic naan. Chewy, and not too doughy, the flat bread was able to soak up a nice amount of the sauce with each dip and added a nice touch of garlicky sweetness. Also, not forgetting the soft pillowy cubes of cottage cheese found in the paste which cut a bit of the heat for me and delivered a creamy, mild cultured milk flavour.