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Chef Daniel Tay has created four snowskin mooncakes, each containing a specially-crafted velvety paste that differs from the typical truffle โ€˜ballโ€™ centre โ€“ Brandy Cherry; Yuzu Martini; Bailey Whiskey with White Chocolate Pearl; and Rum and Raisin with Dark Chocolate Pearl.
Brandy Cherry Snowskin ๅ†ฐ็šฎๆจฑๆกƒ็™ฝๅ…ฐๅœฐ, which contains a combination of white lotus paste dotted with dark cherry bits, and an aromatic brandy and dark cherry middle. ๐Ÿ”ธ
Yuzu Martini Snowskin ๅ†ฐ็šฎๆŸšๅญ้ฉฌไธๅฐผ, a zesty version of white lotus paste enlivened with yuzu, containing a martini-infused filling.
Bailey Whiskey with White Chocolate Pearl Snowskinๅ†ฐ็šฎ่ดๅˆฉๅจๅฃซๅฟŒ็™ฝๅทงๅ…‹ๅŠ›็็ , with two types of alcohol โ€“ Baileys Irish cream and whiskey. The white lotus paste is laced with whiskey, adorned with crunchy white chocolate pearls, and contained a glorious Baileys centre. This is inspired by the Irish coffee. ๐Ÿ”ธ
Rum & Raisin with Dark Chocolate Pearl Snowskin ๅ†ฐ็šฎๅ…ฐๅง†่‘ก่„้ป‘ๅทงๅ…‹ๅŠ›็็ . the centre of this is rich in chocolate and beautifully flavoured with Myers rum, and is surrounded by white lotus paste filling speckled with crunchy dark chocolate pearls and rum soaked raisins.
To order (last date 24 Sep 2018):
* Or visit their flagship store during opening hours
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Singapore 059817
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