personally i feel like ice cream is perfect for any weather, but esp so when its raining cats and dogs outside & you’re comfortably seated in a cafe with a cup of icy cold treat in hand (i’m the type who’ll eat popsicles on the street even when it’s winter).

merely’s horlicks panda ice cream had two of my fave things & used to be my absolute fave of all time. the base had a faint and yet distinct malty flavor & the bits of hello panda folded into the ice cream added an additional crunch and saltiness to it (initially i thought that the hello panda was actly bits of hardened horlicks😰😰😰). personally i felt that the malty flavor in the ice cream base was not as pronounced as i rmbed it to be, and i would had probably enjoyed it more if it were a bit more intense.

the valrhona chocolate ice cream was definitely an ice cream done right. it was super creamy, rich and had a strong chocolate flavor. also, i absolutely loved the fact that it wasn’t bitter at all (a bitter dessert a few weeks back turned me into a firm believer that dessert shld be at varying degree of sweetness at all cost). personally felt that the sweetness somehow offset the intensity of the chocolate and it was so so easy to finish the scoop and crave for a second one immediately.

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