Enjoyed these hearty sourdough pizzas from @goldenroy_sourdough_pizza when our friends came over to visit.
Ordered the Mushroom Pesto and Clam & Garlic flavours. I usually prefer thin crust pizzas, and although these are thicker, it was done just nice with a good crunch! The dough was light with a slight chew, and I liked how they tasted fresh. The portions don’t look huge, but were pretty filling. My vote goes to the clam flavour, as the former was just a bit too salty for me. You can add on their Parmesan Garlic Sourdough Knots to get free delivery and these were surprisingly nice heated up, with garlicky cream cheese filled in soft sourdough pieces.

They are online only for now (delivery/pickup available) and I would definitely recommend to follow their detailed heating instructions closely to enjoy them at its best!

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