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My favourite seafood soup at stall #01-122 inside Old Airport Road Hawker Centre has undergone a name change. It’s now rebranded as @oarseafoodsoup which I think it rather clever as “OAR” alludes to the sea which is the source of the ingredients, and it also happens to be the acronym for “Old Airport Road”.
Because it is basically a takeover of the business by the same guys who have been doing the cooking since day one of the previous brand, I found the taste to be extremely similar.
My order today was the $12 Red Snapper Seafood Soup which came with big pieces of the fish (on-bone), the familiar huge, chunky meatballs and fish maw (I asked for the default prawns to be replaced as I didn’t fancy peeling them) in the signature concentrated broth. If you like your soup even sweeter, I was told that you should stick to the crustacean. Oh and another thing I noticed is they give more of that incredible soup now.
Although the taste isn’t strictly identical, I think OAR Seafood Soup’s recipe is as close as anyone can possibly get to the original. And frankly, that’s good enough for me to want to return for more.