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From Antoinette's newest outpost at Millenia Walk, which is located right opposite Plenty full on the ground level of the mall. Featuring elements such as Flambé Banana with Rum, Caramel Parfait, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Genoise, Milk Chocolate Feuilletine, the Banananier is a dessert that takes on the classic combination of chocolate and banana — a well-loved pairing that features a contrast of varying types of sweetness. The dark chocolate mousse and Chocolate Genoise were both smooth, velvety and rich; no gelatinous, sticky and sweatinees of any sort, just pure chocolate-y goodness that emphasises on the bittersweetness of the chocolate used. Inside the entremet reveals the Flambé Banana with Rum and Caramel Parfait; the banana carrying its distinct sweetness with a hint of alcoholic kick from the rum — not too intense, but definitely evident. The Caramel Parfait adds to the sweetness, as well as helps to bind the chocolate mousse and flambe banana together. Laying at the bottom of the cake, the Milk Chocolate Feuilletine provides a crunch for more texture. A pretty well put-together cake overall, considering how everything seems to gel together so well with the textural aspects being taken in consideration just as much as the flavoural aspects — would probably try the other cakes that they have to offer though prices are certainly on the steep side for entremets.