Perhaps your waistline would, but that’s a story for another day.⁣

Helmed by the very first tonkatsu chef in SG, Chef Tan is a strong believer of quality over quantity, which is why almost everything here is handmade, from the Tonkatsu sauce to the pickles. Yes, the unassuming pickles on the side that one probably wouldn’t pay much attention to? They spend 3D2N to R&D it. ⁣

Began my meal with the Tonjiru soup and already I know, I’m off to a great start. Prepared using Tonkotsu Broth, there's a slew of ingredients within this bowl, with the likes of japanese pork, carrots, radish, burdock roots, konnyaku and yuzu. The refreshing yuzu fragrance while faint, was unmistakable and complemented nicely with the pork broth.⁣

Then came the highlight of the meal, the tonkatsu made from Premium Pork Loin. Boasting a nice crisp and a good layer of fats, the tonkatsu was light, neither overly oily nor gamey, and bound to win even the hearts of non-pork lovers. Though fried, the tonkatsu remains its juiciness, and is best paired with the mixture of sesame seeds and tonkatsu sauce for the perfect indulgence; but I do like to pair it with the mustard sauce on the side from time to time, for that extra kick.⁣

Every set comes with free flow rice & cabbage, and trust me, this is well worth busting your calories meter for.⁣

Thanks @5meanders for the invitation, @hajime_tonkatsu_ramen for hosting and @thehungertrack for joining me!

PS. I’m not kidding about the effort that goes into the making of this. You can handle the egg, the rice, the ramen, anything but the tonkatsu. A minimum of 1.5 years experience is required before you even get to the 'hall of tonkatsu'. That's how much quality control they place on their food. 🙌🏼