Been eyeing this AKK for the longest time, in fact, since CB last year so I'm really glad I finally got my hands on this. Skin was chewy and thin just like how it should be and they were really generous with the fillings as well. But it takes a few out of the ordinary ingredients to bring a traditional pastry like the AKK from potentially boring to memorable and in this case, it was the Hazelnut and their Pistachio which stood out for me.

The Hazelnut tasted faintly like a Ferraro Rocher, with the sugar within bringing out the nutty aroma of the hazelnut, where neither element overpowered the other. Pistachio would be a hit with all pistachios lover, with the distinct pistachio fragrance permeating through with every bite. Though they were rather pricey, I'd purchase them again cause they were worth both the money and the calories.