Empire Hotpot has recently launched their new limited-editon Chrysanthemum Soup Base that's available until end November 2022. We tried the Chrysanthemum Set for 2* which includes:

~Chrysanthemum Soup Base (you can choose full or split half-half with another soup base)
~Cucumber with Garlic & Marinated Black Fungus
~Pork / Lamb / Beef
~Assorted Vegetable Platter
~Daily Noodles 2 Portion
~Chrysanthemum Tea (Hot)
~Chilled Osmanthus Jelly Cake

We enjoyed the Chrysanthemum Soup Base, which we initially thought was gonna taste like Chrysanthemum tea, but it did not; it is boiled with other herbs and mushrooms to give it a very nourishing and warm, comforting taste! As for the hotpot ingredients, their meats were really fresh, not gamey, and the quality is excellent as well! Would also recommend adding on their refillable sauces ($3.50++/pax), to dip your ingredients in! The friendly servers will help you to mix the sauces tableside - you can choose their signature mixes or customise your own. Lastly we liked the luxe and spacious interior here too, which further elevated the dining experience!

*They also have a Set for 4 ($198++) and a Set for 6 ($228++). Each set comes with a voucher for a complimentary express gel manicure and a 15-minute head massage at Oasis Wellness, located 2 doors from Empire Hotpot.

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