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Before the Eatup at DePizza, I did a little reconnaissance round the internet and was delighted to find that DePizza has their full food menu up on their well curated website. As a result, I was tempted to try certain pizzas more than others. I had my eye on squarely on Mary Had A Little Lamb, but it was an unfortunate disappointment.

The little bits of Guinness marinated lamb was sufficiently savory, but it was hideously hard and stringy instead of being juicy & tender. The only real redeeming quality of it is the competently crafted thin crust, which stayed remarkably un-soggy no matter how long we took to devour the pizza.

On the bright side, DePizza is doing a special 1-for-1 pizza AND drink deal to celebrate their first anniversary which lasts till the end of this month. The drinks encompass a glass of their house pour wine, so this month of July is a real good month to get your pizza & wine on at DePizza.

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