My regular go tos at Park Bench Deli are the fried chicken and patty melt but decided to try the Reuben Pastrami for a change. It’s basically a beef brisket pastrami sandwich with Russian coleslaw, gherkin (pickles), whole grain mustard and Swiss cheese. The beef pastrami is cured in brine for 14 days before being smoked and steamed. All of these are done in-house which I feel justified the higher price.

Although they use roasted rye bread, I never felt that the sandwich was dry or hard which can be occasionally the case with rye. The beef brisket pastrami is soft and not too salty. Together with the melted Swiss cheese that’s firm, chewy and nutty, the flavours and texture just come together perfectly. Perhaps they should make an Impossible version of the pastrami.

The other sandwiches are good and substantially cheaper than this. But still more expensive than what you’d pay at Amoy Food Centre. It’s one of those places I’d go if I want to treat myself to something delicious but not too heavy for lunch.