Known in owner Yozo Otsuki's Kyoto hometown for serving great coffee, Japanese cafe Kurasu is all set to make work days at co-working space district6 a little brighter. Pop by the minimalist space in Odeon Towers for a mid-day caffeine hit, or if you need a conducive place for a business discussion. Kurasu currently only serves coffee (from $5) and their signature Matcha Latte ($5) in takeaway cups, but light bites are in the pipeline. The matcha has a lovely bitterness that is complemented by the creaminess from the milk, but if you don't like your drinks too sweet, consider taking Burppler Dex Neo's advice to request that they make yours less so. As for coffee, they do a great Flat White ($5), a smooth and strong cuppa that bears nutty, earthy notes from the blend of beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. Alternatively, try their excellent drip coffee, which they call Pourovers ($6). Have a chat with their friendly and knowledgeable baristas, who are happy to share the flavour profile of the various beans so you can figure out which you'd prefer.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo