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Seems like medicine bottles are the in-thing for beverage packaging now. The Bravery has quite a few of these cold bottled beverages available in their fridge, and you can see rows of empty bottles lining the shelves behind the counter.

One of the unique bottled drinks available at The Bravery is the Lavender Cold Brew, so we ordered one to try. The beverage is pleasantly scented with lavender, and I actually couldn’t smell much coffee in it when I opened the stopper. It tastes more of lavender than coffee, and it’s a very smooth and calming beverage (I don’t think this will work as a perk me up - actually who came up with the combination of lavender and coffee is beyond me. Sounds like an oxymoron.). I guess it depends on your tastebuds, but someone in our dining party commented it tasted like medicine (not sure if it’s because the medicine bottle packaging already placed the idea in her mind) and was put off by it. I ended up drinking most of this, and actually preferred it over the Hot Lavender Latte. The cold brew is really infused with lavender, which is evident from the lavender flowers at the base of the drink. I would order this again, or try the other cold brews on a return visit.

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