Doing good at the Goodburger ! If you haven't been living under a rock, you would have heard of this impossible-meat-based food truck situated on Bukit Timah Road. They specialise in plant based patties and other quality ingredients to make a vegetarian burger that contends fiercely with burgers that cows died for.

My favourite of the lot, you could've told me that it was made of real meat and I would've been none the wiser. This is so good that I've actually fooled my parents into thinking it's real meat before. The double patty gives each bite a satisfying tactile sensation.

I've always wondered why impossible patties weren't made thicker -- the co-owner explained that it's because the thicker the patty, the less realistic it tastes. However, having 2 patties circumvents this problem and adds lots of seared flavour too.

Also, this one is the burger with the Burpple beyond deal!

Thanks Burpple and the Goodburger for having us!