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1. Starter trio -
Consommé: clarified beef bone broth, scallion oil (scallion oil really brought out the flavor and enhanced the richness of the broth)
Savory tart: truffle mascarpone, 24 aged air dried beef (one bite goodness!)
Financier: duck fat, foie gras mousse, fleur de sel
(Interesting combination of sweet and umami)

2. Short ribs - potato pavé, chimichuri, crème fraîche, smoked sea salt

3. Char siew - ribbed fingers, wilted spinach (almost thought i was having pork! Beef was a tad too fatty for my liking but the meat was well charred)

4. The bikini - homemade Wagyu bak kwa, Moroccan spice, emmental (interesting choice of using bak kwa here, I found it quite sweet. Would have prefer a more intense flavor like smoky brisket or some form of pulled beef. Emmental is also a rather mild option to use for a bikini. Cheddar could have contrasted better with the bak kwa)

Palate cleanser served here - lime granita (very refreshing)

5. Tri tip - Auskobe A1 Wagyu marble score 4-5 tri tip, pomme purée, burnt shallots, smoked eryngii mushrooms (surprisingly amazed at the texture and consistency of the meat, great execution of medium rare. My only complain is that they don’t carry any types mustard. They do however, sell homemade sauces at $4 each, including bordelaise, chimichurri, green peppercorn)

6. Sweet - pistachio, sour cherry, meringue (very similar texture to a panna cotta! Love the nutty and richness from the pistachio, great contrast with the sour cherries)

You’d notice that most people are there for the Burpple 1-1 tasting menu. What is interesting to note is that none of the items on the tasting menu is actually from the ala carte menu. I must say that the tasting menu definitely packs a lot of value for the price (even without the Burpple deal) and the ala carte menu does look enticing to me for a revisit!

On the ala carte menu, You will find items like duck rillettes with figs for starters, baked Camembert cheese, hand crafted ricotta and plum under starters. And this place certainly pride itself for its charcoal grill where you get the option of topping up $17 for a choice of side and dessert. Charcoal grill items range between $22 to $65, from a simple angus reserve 150 day grain fed flat iron steak to a more indulgent cut like the 400 day grain fed crossbred wagyu marble score 8/9 deckle or a Mayura signature marble score 9+ Wagyu tri tip.