Ahhummm.... Went for a buffet thinking that its so awesome. Lobster, wow! Crab, wow! Cold prawns, wow! Mussels, wow!
Taste is subjective.
Sorry but (to us) not really worth $88+++
Good thing we booked under the Ladyironchef 1for1 promotion. Still, i find its not worth to our taste bud. But i see many others enjoying it.
Lobster was not really fresh. Only 2 sauces for the cold seafood.
Crab meat tasted like crab has been dead for long. Not meaty too. Chilli crab sauce is not very nice too. Black pepper tasted better.
Gor Hiang can't even bite off.
The best was cold prawns and rojak. Hokkein prawn beehoon soup ok.
Desserts don't look appetizing so we didn't touch at all for the first time during a buffet.
There's coffee and tea machine.
Honestly we didn't try everything.
Once again i got conned by this blogger's review.