I’m very picky when it comes to Korean food (except Korean bbq) and few Korean spots in Singapore have managed to satisfy my stomach. Daejon House is one of the rare exceptions and they push out authentic Korean fare that’ll bring you straight to Korea itself. Ban Chan (side dishes) here are free flow, try not to eat too many before you enjoy the actual food (am guilty of this). I’ve had the army stew here twice and while the portion size isn’t as generous as I would like it to be, the concoction is hearty, hits all the right spots and warms you down to your bones. Very good for cold, rainy nights. Their Korean pancakes are also fantastic; perfectly crisp, not too oily, just the right amount of filling. Also recommend their dumplings which are very generously filled with ingredients and have a lovely, crisp exterior that gives off that satisfying crunch which we all love to hear when we bite into a fried dumpling. Have yet to try the rest of their menu and am excited to, especially their KBBQ. Setting is great for large gatherings too, highly recommend you come here with your friends and colleagues!