Made a trip down to OMC Fusionopolis because I’d read reviews on the food and breakfast sandwich but sadly they don’t serve any food now!!! Only the pastries and muffins in the display cabinet :(

Ended up getting the Nitro Cold Brew ($7) which I’d read reviews about. This was served promptly, with a lovely layer of foam on top. The barista instructed me to just drink directly from the cup. This was actually my first experience with Nitro Cold Brew and I’m still not sure what to feel about it. Perhaps it was due to the foam, but my first mouthful felt like I was drinking beer. It’s not very aromatic, only a light roasted smell. There’s also no bitter taste, the cold brew actually tastes sour! My taste buds were very confused. I’m still undecided whether I like this or not, and probably wouldn’t order it again because the mocha at OMC is nicer for a sweet treat!