Had been wanting to try the rather hidden sashimi bar that is hiding within the Cold Storage of Takashimaya — for those who hadn't seen it before, it's tucked way within the corner behind the sushi counter. The small countertop dine-in area allows one to sit down and consume the sushi, but they do have their own variety of rice bowls available ranging from the Poki Don ($15) to the Special Kaisen ($34).

The Salmon Don costs $19, and consists of generous portions of minced salmon, salmon sashimi, aburi salmon and ikura. Would probably say that this is the freshest Salmon Don I have had for this price range; none of that slimy, slightly damp pieces here. Instead, I found myself digging into very thick slices of salmon sashimi; extremely plump and really carries a lot of texture as one bites through a single piece. The aburi salmon were torched slightly; a little meltier than the sashimi slices and the minced ones just carries the flavours further than provides for a break from the chewing of the larger pieces. Ikura adds that bursting umami sensation, finishing the entire bowl off with both texture and flavour. Hadn't had quite a good bowl of sashimi don in a while that got me so excited like this one; would definitely recommend those who hadn't tried it to just go especially when in Orchard — a new found favourite that I see myself revisiting again soon!