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Came here because I was craving matcha soft serve, and I say theirs is quite good! Matcha was there, and I really recommend getting one topped with warabi mochi! 😍 their warabi mochi is soooo soft and really good! They also have warabi mochi boxes/cups that you can purchase!
In frame is their Matcha soft serve parfait with complete toppings that include: brown sugar jelly (but nicely not sweet at all, probably great source of fiber!), an ball (red bean), shiratama and matcha jelly. The whole parfait was nicely not really sweet and as a strong-matcha seeker I say this one is recommended!
Another thing I was interested in is their Double Chocolate parfait (chocolate custard + chocolate) but unfortunately I probably should’ve tried another filling? The chocolate custard tasted nothing like chocolate and the amount of nice chocolate was so little. There’s no matcha flavor in the obanyaki, too. I really didn’t enjoy this one :(. Maybe other fillings might be a better choice (should see if the batter would turn nicer w/ another filling tho, unpleasantly cakey this time I tried)

📍108 Matcha Saro, Suntec City, Singapore
Closest MRT: Esplanade
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