Date of visit: 1 Jan 2019, Tue (10.15pm)
Context of visit: First time at the Rail Mall outlet. My previous visit was at the Springleaf outlet last month.
Dish ordered:
- 1 cheese prata
- 1 onion prata
- 1 iced teh tarik

Rating: 7/10
1) Onion prata is crispy just as the normal prata, but they probably added slightly too much onion 😅 Not too special, but decent.
2) Iced teh tarik is quite good! Not too sweet or blend! :)
3) Here comes my ultimate favourite that never disappoints me when I stepped into both outlets: CHEESE PRATA
My first impression when I tasted it was to ask, "Am I eating the Cheezy 7 pizza from Pizza Hut at a prata outlet?" Although slightly greasy due to the buttery cheese, its pungent aroma and unique garlic cheese compared to all the other ordinary cheese prata makes your trip to Springleaf Prata worth coming if you are alone and want to avoid their heavy filling famous murtabaks (I've yet to try it). Furthermore, save the curry sauces for the other types of prata because when you eat cheese prata, it's best to eat it by itself to taste the pure aroma P:

On a budget? Just get the cheese prata because besides what I mention above, it may not be too crispy, but crispy enough near the sides to allow you to experience both crispy texture and the pungent flavorful cheese in one single prata.

Also cannot decide between craving for pizza or prata? Springleaf prata is certainly the place to solve your dilemma! 👍