Of course, the char kway teow is a must-try if you are paying a visit to Zion Riverside Food Centre! It is probably the only stall with a snaking long queue at the hawker centre and the queue may get even longer during mealtimes on weekends! 😰 The char kway teow comes with the standard kway teow, Mee, beansprouts, eggs, Chinese sausage and cockles! This is the $6 serving so it will probably be a little too heavy for one person and it might be better to share a dish of this size between two pax instead!

This char kway teow dish is a little on the sweeter side and they probably added more of the sweeter dark soy sauce. It is natural to compare the dish with our favourite stall at Hong Lim Food Complex and we think the stall at Hong Lim serves char kway teow with more wok hey. Hence, you may not like the Zion Road version as much if wok hey is a very important factor for you!

Nonetheless, the dish is still above average and we would advise you to give it a shot if you have yet to try it once in your life. We visited the hawker centre on a rainy day and queues were generally shorter, probably because there are no sheltered walkways and no MRT stations in the area yet!