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Trekked out to Marina Bay today for this. Not the most pretty looking (my friend's looked less haphazard) but wow this was GOOD. I went for the half rice half salad in a bid to prevent a food coma. The lime cilantro rice was tasty but the true stars were the toppings - the beef short ribs was super tender and flavorful, and the sheer number of condiments... There was kimchi, fried shallots, seaweed, pickled cucumbers, sesame seeds, some kind of green sauce (pesto? I think salsa verde but it wasn't spicy). Myriad of flavours and every bit gives you something different. Less than $10 for a huge serving, going as low as $7 for chicken. Top up $0.80 for a ramen egg (another of my faves!) Definitely a gem.