For the month of June (ie till today), Bowl Chap’s donating $1 for rice bowl purchased to Down Syndrome Association Singapore to help with the costs of mainstream education and training. At a time when everyone’s worried about their own behinds, Bowl Chap’s still tryna do a little good for others and I’m super touched by that. I’ll be frank: I won’t promise the best rice bowls nor a mind-blowing experience. The food’s very decent if a tad average, with really generous portions that make it well worth the pricetag. Our favourite of the lot was their Five Spice Apple Pork Bowl. Pork belly had a good ratio of fat to meat, and was really tender while still retaining a nice bite. The sauce was really well-balanced as well, the five spice discernible without being overpowering and the apples lending a slight mellow sweetness. I also liked how you can choose between Koshihikari rice, salad, rice + salad mix, and tri-colour quinoa (cooked really well btw) for your base. With an average price of $12.90 per bowl, decent grub, and a cause I think we can all get behind, I’d say hit em up for dinner today if you haven’t made plans yet 😉

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