There are several cheese and seafood BBQ options in Golden Mile Complex, but we ended up at Jackpot K because of their free flow oysters and salmon sashimi! Oysters were surprisingly good but the quality and inconsistent freshness of the sashimi made us afraid to order more.

Variety of food available was about average - various meats, vegetables, shells, squids, crabs, crayfish, canned drinks and ice cream but taste wise, it was quite one dimensional and not really worth the money. We had the most of eggs (cooked on the sides of the pot and actually really good), crayfish and oysters. The store has different cooking pans as well and the type similar to mookata with the dome shaped centre was splattering so much oil that we had to cook the food standing further away. We appreciated the friendly service but would have preferred to head a few doors down for New Udon Thai's Mookata!