WAH guys the sourdough was v nice. It had a very nice soft & pliable quality to it, texture is rly quite good! The olives were dispersed evenly and gave a tangy briny flavour, went well with the rosemary fragrance. I toasted one side to get one side soft and one side cronchy. I liked that the crust wasn't super hard so it was v easy to eat. Now I want to go back and try all their diff sourdoughs :'D

Escargot was v crisp after toasting! The adzuki was nice, there’s a light sweetness and I quite liked the idea of red bean in viennoiseries - I haven't seen that before. Just that it could have been cooked down a bit more. The matcha wasn’t very pronounced. Croissant was crisp upon toasting, it's decent but I felt that it was kinda greasy. Had it a few hours after purchasing, the humidity rly gets to it and it was v soggy, I couldn't not toast it. It’s ok lah it was still nice bc buttery stuff r yummy but I'll still stick to petit pain for plain croissants!

Their olive sourdough usually comes out after 2.30pm and I was there too early at 12ish, but the kind auntie was like wait wait let me go check the kitchen! When she returned she told me that it'll be about 7 mins so I waited for it. Thank you!! The staff are nice and it really adds to the experience - I'll be back even tho it's q far from my place :)