The Anniversary Menu is curated by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong who has been captivating diners of Min Jiang
with his eloquent showcase of Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines for almost 19 years.

Feature 3 new Anniversay menu a la carte :
💕Crispy Ibérico ‘Char Siew’
Iberico pork is chosen for its flavour and marbling, marinated for at least 6 hours, then steam and roasted to get a char.
The Pork Collar is tender with a crunch on the outer, served with a pickled salad (cabbage, pineapple and baby radish pickled with vinegar and calamansi juice)
💰$38++ per order.

💕 Appetiser Trio.
Ibérico ‘Char Siew’ Slider.
A slice of the Crispy Iberico Char Siew is sandwiched between a fried mantou bun, along with a char siew sauce

Minced Beef with Pine Nuts in Crispy Puff.
The sauteed Australian beef tenderloin served in a thin, airy deep-fried puff.

Chilled Cherry Tomato Marinated with Plum: Baby tomatoes from Holland pickled with a pickling liquid of rock sugar, preserved plum,
and water for at least 2 hours .
💰$18++ per person.

💕 Barbecued ‘Anxin’ Chicken Neck with Sesame Teriyaki Sauce.
Anxin chicken neck meat is lightly marinated then briefly roasted in the oven and torched for a smoky char.
The chicken neck served with celtuce stem and garnished with flying fish roe, slice of deep-fried lotus root and baby radish.
💰$16++ per order of 4 pieces.

For reservations,  diners can call 6774 0122 or email [email protected]

📍Min Jiang Dempsey.
7A and 7B Dempsey Road.