This place is amazing. Would go back even without burppler discount 😌🤗 went twice, both on weekdays and on both days the place was busy. I order 3 sets for 4 pax.

Miso braised mushroom
Smoked duck dumplings
Longan osmanthus pu-er

XO prawn noodles (+$4)
Fried pierogt dumplings
Grapefruit thyme strawberry green tea

Braised pork noodles
Spicy Sichuan dumplings
Salted plum wolfberry pu-er

Everything was so good!! But the braised pork noodles really felt like ba chor mee and the Sichuan dumplings were neither spicy nor sour. So would suggest sticking to fried pierogt (mash potato, truffle and cheese goodness) and smoke dumplings (so generous with the smoked duck!!)

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