With a style the polar opposite of my favourite Da Dong Prawn Noodles is my second favourite - Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee.
I know, I know - it must sound odd seeing how different they are but it is in what sets them apart that has me enjoying the latter’s prawn noodles too.
Significantly more potent in prawn power, the darker yet clearer soup of Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee lacks the rounded mouthfeel of Da Dong’s silky opaque broth (which is why I am always torn between ordering the dry and soup versions there). But like Hemingway’s writing - terse and direct, this eatery’s is all about singing that singular note of crustacean. At least, that is my impression. And also why I prefer the dry version here because having a small bowl of their prawn-y soup is enough. What really draws me is the tangy-spicy chilli used to toss the noodles - it has an old-school taste which I have a spot spot for. Needless to say, the prawns, served halved for easy eating, and pork ribs, are faultless.
A bonus about dining here is we can order a plate of Ngoh Hiang as well. All the usual suspects are offered at the small stall but it also has a couple of unique items like the UFO-shaped patty which tastes a lot like the Hokkien Fried Oyster Cake but is softer and mealier within. I love their chilli dip too - it is a complex number with raw garlic and sour plum mixed in.

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