Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

So-Myon are long thin noodles unlike the typical Korean ramen. Total 5 So-Myon options are available.
▪️Pork Belly ($10.90++)
▪️Spicy Chicken ($10.90++)
▪️Beef ($12.90++)
▪️Clams ($11.90++)
Served in either spicy Kimchi / Doenjang Soup.
▪️Samgyetang So-Myon ($13.90)
🔸️Add on $3 for Barley Tea and 4 Pcs Pork Dumpling available in 6 different options
🔸️Each So-Myon dish comes with a choice of either Kimchi or Doenjang soup
🔸️The So-Myon Menu will be available from now till 31st September
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