So i came for this overhype shiat that everyone has been talking about since the pokémon days.. I gotta say i'm royally disappointed. I mean i like the concept that everything is automated and looks neat. Even the cutlery dispenser is pretty cool. But honestly the food really need some serious qc..My grilled chicken was tough af. Given that it's thigh meat, man..I guess my chicken must have been doing squats everyday before it got culled. The sauce was alright but my mashed potato was like potato cream...yuck. And i thought ok maybe it's just one dish that they f it i ordered the Japanese Curry Rice ($5). I mean u can't go wrong with that or at least i never tasted a really bad Jap curry rice before. Well, what do you know..They just have to prove me wrong and i was f in the a once again.. For god sake I have never tasted Jap curry rice this nasty before.. There was like almost no gravy in existence at all. Rice was clumpy af that when i scooped it up the whole base of rice just lifted along with my spoon. I give it to you that you have a real sturdy set of cutlery but boy, i'm not here to be amazed balls by ur cutlery!! I swear in my last name that the microwaveable food that 7-11 serves taste easily 10 times more satisfiable than this crap..And what's more, 7-11 is easily available anywhere. Why do i need to travel to Sengkang..Sorry for the profanities but i can't hold it in any longer. Bottom line, this is nay for me... 概念是不錯但食物味道真他媽的需要大量的調整