Apparently all the cafehoppers would know bout this cafe as their signature molten cake is pretty yummy and it is their signature. The Salted egg yolk molten cakes (RM17) is one of list that you should try in their cafe. All of the molten cakes are crafted by using the finest Belgian Chocolate Couvertures and baked to order. It paired with Vanilla Ice Cream on crumble, rice puffs and curry leaves. The moist cake did encasing to two separate layers of thick liquid, which are the inner core salted egg yolk custard and sweet liquid form (Belgian white chocolate). It tastes quite good when you shoved everything together into the mouth. Ps: the curry leaf is edible. They also introduce the molten cake sets, which is molten cake of your choice and hot or cold Viet drip/ cold brew Americano at RM21.90. I would suggest to share with others as you might feel cloying after eating the whole cake by your own.