If you thought Shabu-GO’s small salmon kaisen set was enough to feed this beast, then you don’t know me at all. Of course I’m adding on more meat! I gotta say, for just $5++, this serving of pork collar is quite a decent deal. The slices aren’t too thin, and they’re pretty sizeable too once you unfurl them. Yes, the meats are infinitely better value than the seafood. Stick with the animals that don’t swim, kids.⠀

The closest thing Shabu-GO have to a signature item is definitely their cuttlefish paste. Yes, that’s the white & orange lump in the bowl. They do have a couple of varieties of cuttlefish paste, but I gravitated towards the tobiko cuttlefish paste and traded six bucks for it. What a brilliant decision that was, even if I do say so myself.⠀

The cuttlefish had been minced & blended down into a smooth, thick paste, and all you gotta do is spoon a measure of it into the boiling soup to cook. Yeah, that’s all you gotta do. Even without the aid of your dipping sauce of choice, it’s actually pleasantly tasty. It’s clean, a little savoury, and delightfully bouncy. A true joy to chew, and the little tobiko that you cook in with the paste pop in your mouth with their signature burst of umami oomph.⠀

This six buck bowl will get you about six to seven lumps that are a little larger than a golf ball, and these lovely little lumps of cuttlefish will get you a whole lotta gluttonous gratification. Like I done said before, get a meat set, add on extra meat if you’re looking to unleash the beast, and get one of these cuttlefish paste thingies to uplift your mood.