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#Noshtalgia is my mash-up of the words “nosh” which means “food” and “nostalgia”. I created it to refer to food I grew up eating. Like pork chop, a dish which I think many families have their own version of. My maternal grandma use to cook her hammered-flat, cream cracker crumbs-coated and fried pork with potatoes, cloves, star anise and cinnamon. It looked and tasted completely different from the one with tomato sauce most people are familiar with. Not quite sure how her recipe came about but I did enjoy it very much. T.H. on the other hand, is on a mission of sorts to find the best rendition of the pork chop with tomato sauce. The one at “Prince Coffee House” on Beach Road is not bad. Although I thought the sauce was rather one-dimensional, there’s French fries, tomato pieces and corn kernels tossed in with the crunchy slices of pork.