A bed of rice topped with Japanese unagi, served with a small teapot of dashi broth, a small plate of pickles, and a plate of condiments containing strips of seaweed, chopped spring onion and a piece of fresh wasabi to be grated on your own. Quality of the unagi is on point! Grilled to perfection, tender and flavourful, with a nice crisp to it. The dashi stock was lighter than I expected it to be but it does give a warm comforting touch to eat it as a tea rice soup (ochazuke). We are not wasabi fans but we still grated a bit to try since we paid for it already. Surprisingly, the fresh wasabi had the wasabi fragrance but not the pungent burning sensation that we disliked. Pretty interesting experience to us! There are also additional sauces (sweet sauce, unagi sauce, spicy sauce) available on the table but I think it is delicious on its own.

Recommended? It is a definite yes from me if you are looking for good quality unagi and willing to pay as the prices here are pretty steep. However, if you are looking for a place to chill and chat around with your friends and family, this might not be the best option as the service here is quite efficient in order to serve the hungry customers waiting under the hot sun.