Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

coming from someone who doesn’t eat siew mai usually, it says a lot. it’s super flavourful and juicy, altho i’m pretty sure it’s due to higher ratio of pork fats as compared to normal. but it’s ok it’s worth it. i tried the charcoal chicken one before (whilst that one is defo more insta worthy it is lacklustre taste wise so just get it instead heh)
har gou is normal.... nth much to shout abt but the prawns v fresh and bouncy + skin not v thick!! .

OK their crispy prawn chee cheong fun is a MUST GET too. the rice rolls are silky smooth and thin + the crispy covering and the huge prawns....... the contrasting textures is so good like it adds dimension to the dish not to mention it’s super flavourful too
the fresh shrimp spring rolls r pretty normal too... their shrimp is super on point but the casing was slightly too crisp (dk what i complaining tbh it is supposed to be fried but it’s like too fried for me???? 🤣 sorry picky consumer)
the new wanton noodles w fresh shrimp dumpling is also just avg hahahaha the shrimps legit on point (i think the same is used for all their dishes) and the noodles q enough but i wldnt go down specially for it!! omg if u read my rambles till here HI :”)