Beef most excellent! Found this hole-in-the-wall izakaya at Tanjong Pagar this week, and boy it brought me back to Japan. Chatter from the tables in the back, Chefs crammed cheerfully behind the counter, one grilling by the window, the delicious smells wafting over us. There was a sense of cosiness and familiarity here, mirrored in the lone warrior next to us - legs splayed open, sipping his sake and dining on thick slices of sashimi as he tugged his t-shirt over this belly. A thick finger gesticulating wildly for another bottle of sake to the chuckles of the staff who pat him on the back. It wasn't just the ambience though! The food brought to mind the verdant hills of Hakone - simple unassuming fare that didn't rely on gimmicks, just the freshest ingredients. It was Wagyu Week at the restaurant and they had a slew of beefy options. Look at the meats we ordered! The marbling! The sear around the edges! We dipped each slice into their homemade ponzu sauce, a citrusy tang that cut through the richness of the beef. Each slice of meat was soft and delicate, it's hard to describe its perfection. Also, the whole place was ridiculously affordable, $23 for the beef and $12 for bara chirashi don. Anyway, please don't visit. I don't want to have to queue for it. hahaha