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While they have plenty of unique and exciting handcrafted flavours, Merely Ice Cream’s Roasted Pistachio as well as Oreo Milk were sublime and essentially foolproof. Infused with oreo bits and creamed cheese toppings, the Oreo Milk wasn’t too sweet or overly decadent. There was also a more pronounced chocolate-y taste than your average cookies and cream offerings which was most welcomed. The Roasted Pistachio too, had the crushed roasted nuts churned into the custard style ice-cream for that extra crunch. Thick, smooth, and creamy; the scoops do melt a tad fast but that is fine with the warm waffle to mop the pool up. Crispy on the outside and sufficiently fluffy on the inside, the waffle was pretty light. And adding to its fragrance, the drizzles of syrup were icing on the cake. What's more, at $13.70 for two double scoops and two waffles, I really scored a great deal thanks to Burpple Beyond.