This larger, swankier outlet of The Sushi Bar is certainly a nicer place to dine compared to its humble flagship at Far East, especially for bigger groups and those looking for a place to unwind. Prices are slightly steeper here, but still very affordable considering the portions. If you've never had it, get their Normal Chirashi Don so you can finally understand what the long queues are for. For the well-acquainted, give the Aburi Kaisen Chirashi Don ($26.90) a try, and savour the delicately charred finish you get when a blowtorch meets fresh, raw fish. You get the same variety of fish as in the Normal Chirashi Don, but you might just enjoy this sweeter, smokier finish a little more. As always, don't forget to make reservations if you're coming in a group on a weekday! p.s. No reservations on weekends, so queue early.

My favorite chirashi place. Not cheap but very good value for money.