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It had been a long time since my last return to The Masses, and definitely even longer since the very first time I have had this item; amazing how this signature of theirs had been consistently refined over the various menu revamps, with a "C" added to its name with each change. Now featuring elements such as Crabmeat, Caviar, Clams, Chorizo, and Lobster Sauce, the cold pasta dish undoubtedly an umami bomb with their creamy, slightly sweet crustacean flavour of the sauce. The pasta carries some bite, while the various seafood helps to enhance those umami notes even further; the dehydrated Chorizo (which were pretty bacon bit-esque) brings the C&C&C&C Pasta with a savoury flavour, bringing the flavours even further. It's amazing how The Masses had been so consistent all this while with its old dishes, with constant tweaks to keep things fresh while dishing out new favourites for its returning patrons; definitely looking forward to another return visit soon.