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Third time here and this time I decided to get chicken instead of beef (again). The Henne (~$16), which had avocado cream, orange mayo and chicken breast, was impressive for a chicken burger. Most chicken burgers I’ve had always turned out too oily or too dry, but thankfully this one hit the sweet spot 😋, being juicy but not heart-attack inducing.
Avocado cream was done well too, not sour or too chunky like some guacs! Didn’t really fancy the orange mayo because it kinda tasted strangely sour, and ended up ditching the bottom bun with the mayo 😂
The dinner set (additional ~$15) came with a side and a cocktail. Got my sweet potato fries as usual which can’t go wrong, and GOLDREGEN (vodka cocktail)- which was really sweet and refreshing!
Personally still prefer the beef burgers as compared to the chicken but I’d say the chicken is good too


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