Ooooooo the fish was so fatty and flaky. There's a slight crisp on the skin too. The only imperfection is the seasoning, it's only on the surface and on a single side, so when it's faced down, the oil washes away the salt and makes it bland. Protip: drizzle some of the well seasoned oil onto the fish in your bowl for an explosive mouthful

The other items in the set were all above average. Now I understand the insanely long queue(starts forming at 5pm for dinner!!!)

I would say it's a must try, I didn't have a lot of grilled fish but this one is unique(it's v different from the keisuke one which is abit more what you expect). Idk what they do to the fish here but it's so soft and lacks any fishiness

I went at 4pm to avoid the crowd