It took me 3 attempts before I could finally get my hands on this! First few times I was there after cycling before it opened at 11am.. the second time I reached at 8.45pm after evening cycling and they were already packing up to go home (though operation hours are till 9pm). This time round went during lunch and managed to try! (Though we tried to call the hp number a few times to pre order for self collection but the line was never picked up). This is the herbal seafood soup and it reminds me of OAR seafood soup! Both have two prawns, this use batang fish while the other uses dory fish. Both have pork balls but this stall's is much smaller than the other one. Overall I like both! go for this if you like the herbal taste in your soup! Oar seafood soup's broth is more of the milky fish soup kind. #seafoodsoup #herbalseafoodsoup #herbalsoup #junyuanhouseoffish #oldairportroadhawker #oldairporthawker #burpple
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