T’was a wonderful surprise when I was told by @theenglishhousesingapore that they would like to treat me and my family to lunch. I just had to let them know what I would like from their new Takeaway Menu, which I did in a jiffy. The food was delivered on time and it traveled well, arriving in prime condition thanks to the attention paid by Head Chef Andrew Bennett and his team.

Here is what I picked:

1. “The English Rump and Foie Gras Burger” ($25) - A fine specimen of the loaded-style burger, it came with a massive portion of fries. A little assembly was required as the melted cheese and crispy bacon-topped juicy patty (made with beef and foie gras), came wrapped in foil. The iceberg lettuce which was also packed separately, remained delightfully cool and crisp even after I stacked everything together between the lightly toasted soft buns and took a bite. What a great idea to send the burger this way as it helped it to taste extra fresh and delicious.

2. “Confit Crisp Duck Leg with Japanese Egg Fried Rice” ($32) - Never thought these two could be a combo let alone a winning one. The confit duck was seasoned and cooked on point, and I found the best way to enjoy the dish was to shred the duck up and mix the tender, moist meat with the super eggy fried rice.

3. “Braised Shortrib of Angus Beef with Singapore Spiced Noodles” ($40) - I had enjoyed this a lot when I dined in previously, so I was very pleased to see it in the Takeaway Menu. Although the noodles were a tad dry compared to when I had the dish in the restaurant, the huge hunk of meat was every bit as melt-in-the-mouth as I remember.

4. “Mr. White’s Tiramisu” - Dessert was a hefty scoop of their popular mascarpone and 70% cacao creation. Loved how rich, creamy and intense in coffee and chocolate it turned out to be.

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