Tried their monster milkshakes here before but came back for their huge burgers!

The Texan Burger ($26) 🍔
The Texan burger features a crispy onion ring within its fluffy buns. Didn't try it personally but heard it's good.

The Greg Norman ($27) 7/10 🍔
I couldn't help but order this when I heard of the blue cheese and arugula. The 1/2 pound wagyu beef burger was deliciously bloody and full of pure meaty beef. None of that mushy breadcrumb nonsense.

Mexican Hot Sauce Wings ($15) 6/10 🍗
The wings came coated in hot sauce (which wasn't that spicy) and were served with blue cheese dressing. Must say I really adored the blue cheese dressing because of its notable pungent flavour.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders ($15) 6/10 🍗
Didn't really find anything that special about the tenders, which were quite small. It was fun dipping into the house buttermilk-dill, Korean BBQ and lime honey mustard, though.